How Mulburries was born, the start of the journey

Friday 24th September 2021 was my last day at Savills after nearly 6 years with the company, I met many great people during this time and I will be forever grateful for the opportunities I was given during my employment leading a department and team within the residential complex.

Although I greatly enjoyed my time as a manager with a great office and team I built with great success, the time has come for me to move onto bigger and better things and grow my own brand Mulburries allowing me the flexibility, growth and business decision enabling me to better help my clients my future.

Working for great company like Savills gives you a good income and security, I could not complain. However, I felt completely restricted and I had more to offer than I was able to deliver in my role and for that reason I decided to take my life into my own hands and open my own agency Mulburries.

It’s a funny thin, when I first came into the industry 26 years old with nothing to my name as a very ambitious young chap, I was told by another big company leader MD on my first interview it would take me at best 5 years to be a manager of an office as I have “not the required experience”, within 8 months of starting my career in property I was employed by one of the world leaders and within 6 months after (before I even passed my probation) I was promoted to be a manager!

Since starting my career within property at the age of 26 I have:

–     built and designed my own house myself
–     own a small portfolio of my own rental properties
–     enjoyed a fansatic career at Savills
–     I even managed to own an Audi R8 my dream car
–     Whilst travelling to many countries

I am now the owner of my own Residential Sales and Lettings Agency company Mulburries with the sky being my limit with what I will be able to do with the company and the people I will be able to guide and help within the property sector, without being restricted by corporate red tape.

The moral of the story is do not be told by others or hold yourself back to what “the power at be” decided to be your opportunities/progression, only you can carve your own history and timeline of achievements.

With that being said  would like to welcome you all to Mulburries Residential Sales & Lettings.

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