Welcome to the Mulburries family

Mulburries Family Fina

Thank you and welcome to the Mulburries family.

We wanted to express our gratitude for allowing us to formally introduce the Mulburries family brand to you, an insight into how we have grown over the past 12 months, and to demonstrate to you the core values our company upholds.


Mulburries company values.

Our company opened its doors in 2021 by founder Ryan Green, the Managing Director. With over 10 years’ worth of experience, selling and letting in one of the UK’s top leading estate agent, Ryan is dedicated in providing a tailored and personal approach to your property needs.

Mulburries offers an extraordinary product to the public. In short, we want to change the perception of the local estate agent. We are a family ran organisation and we want to listen to you. Throughout our careers, we have witnessed mistakes made by other agents, who often put their own succession before their customer’s needs. Our company is not driven by targets, and we do not put time pressure on our staff. We are here to ensure our customers benefit from our experience and extensive knowledge of the market. We’re here for the long-standing relationships.

Ryan Green –  Founder.

Originally working for a local estate agent in Surrey, Ryan started his career as a negotiator. Building a rapport within the company, Ryan swiftly took the position of senior position whilst successfully climbing the leader boards by selling/letting the majority of properties which flowed through the branch.

Quickly outgrowing Chancellors, Ryan saw a bigger picture. He was recruited by Savills to assist in cold starting and growing an office which was struggling to break even. Before passing his probation and after much success, Ryan was promoted to head his own team in their office in Hertfordshire. Here, Ryan excelled. From selling a wide range of properties between £200,000-£10,000,000, Ryan won various awards both internally and externally. He restructured the whole branch with his innovative thinking, from this, he knew he was capable of offering more for his clients.

Agne Chrapacaite – Head of Client Liaison.

Having extensive experience in customer service, Agne helped develop the Mulburries brand alongside Ryan. As we believe in a streamlined client focus, and by having an appointed representative purely for maintaining and nurturing customer relationships, we have achieved tailored and bespoke needs and requirements. Agne, having a gregarious and enthusiastic nature, previously worked for NHS, where she took pleasure in supporting patients for 14 years. After stepping away from her healthcare duties, she knew her personality and own beliefs would fit right into the Mulburries business model.

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