Mr Pablo

Employee of the Month

Meet Pablo, the French Bulldog with a permanent smile plastered on his adorable face! This charming canine is not only a master of making hearts melt, but he’s also a rockstar in the workplace. Yes, you read that right – every month, Pablo is honoured as Employee of the Month at his doggy job! It’s not hard to see why – his coworkers just can’t get enough of his sweet disposition, snuggly nature, and irresistible underbite.

Pablo’s daily routine consists of lounging in his plush office chair, accepting belly rubs and squeaky toys from his adoring fans (aka his humans), and taking the occasional nap to recharge for the next round of adorableness. His impressive resume boasts an extensive background in napping, snuggling, and looking cute while doing it. Who needs skills when you’re this adorable?!

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